Featured Simulation – Satellite Motion

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Featured Simulation – Satellite Motion

“Satellite Motion” is now available! This interactive is designed to simulate the motion of a commercial satellite in orbit around Earth….

Another Great Physics Simulation Resource

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Winter break is a great time to look for new teaching resources.  Here is an excellent one from the “Physics Education” Google+ group:


There are a huge number of physics simulations here, all developed by Frank McCulley, a high school physics teacher in New Jersey.

We have been looking for a good way to plot data for the “Constant Speed Motion” toy car lab we do at the beginning of the year, and his “Quick Graph and Linearization” tool is exactly what we needed.  It will work on any device with a browser, and it gives a linear best fit line way more quickly than Microsoft Excel.

Let us know in the comments below if you have tried any of Frank’s simulations or tools, or have any other recommendations for great sites!

Featured Sim – Collision Carts

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This past week in our iPad 1:1 physics classes we have been exploring momentum. Historically, we have opened with the “collision cart” lab. The plastic carts we use keep breaking and this year we didn’t have enough functional carts to run the lab.

iPads to the rescue! This year we demonstrated the collisions in the front of the room, then had students complete the lab virtually on their iPads.  We had 100% engagement, as every student had to do their own thinking about transfer of momentum between the cars and how to show that momentum was conserved in every collision.

“Collision Cart” sim in each student’s hands + paper copy of lab in each student’s hands + pencil + calculator = 100% engagement

Click the picture below to show the simulation and lab that we used:

Collision Carts

SimBucket is Live!

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Over the past year we have been developing simulations and games to use with our students.  For the past few months, The Physics Classroom has been kind enough to host most of it, but we were looking for a way to make all of our work available to the public, including our chemistry and biology simulations.  Thus, SimBucket was born.

Everything on SimBucket is free to use.  We are constantly creating new simulations for our students.  As we create them we will post them here.  We are also constantly creating new supplementary materials for the simulations, including labs and activities.  Please feel free to try them out or modify them however you want.  We have included the original Microsoft Word documents in .docx format.  If you don’t see a lab activity listed on SimBucket, be sure to check that particular simulation’s page on The Physics Classroom, where there might be one already developed.

We hope you enjoy our simulations, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


Chris Bruce, Martin Kulak, Dave Torpe, and Kevin Shane

Conant Physics Team

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