2018 Donation Drive for SimBucket, ChemThink, and QuizEvolved

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Dear www.simbucket.com and www.quizevolved.com users,

Last week I received an invoice from our web hosting company with a huge price increase for our servers. Up until this year, I have been able to pay for both sites with help from a few users, but with the price increase I can no longer afford the expense.

In order to ensure the financial stability of www.simbucket.com and www.quizevolved.com, we are planning an annual donation drive. So far, we have collected the following donations for 2018:

$2,150 of $2,500 raised

Donate Today!

In addition to the donation drive:

1. I have consolidated all of our web services down to just two: a cloud-based VPS provider and Amazon Web Services. We now have a single, modern, powerful VPS that can easily handle all of the load for several hundred dollars cheaper per year than before.

2. At the end of 2018, I will review our income and expenses to make sure the websites are still financially viable.

Please donate today! If you are willing to donate for SimBucket, ChemThink, or QuizEvolved, please click here to continue to the donation form. With your help, I hope we can keep these sites free forever.

Chris Bruce
Physics Teacher, NBCT
Lead Developer,

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