HTML5 Chemthink “The Particulate Nature of Matter” is online!

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HTML5 PARTICULATE NATURE OF MATTER is pleased to announce that the HTML5 version of the Chemthink “Particulate Nature of Matter” tutorial and problem set is now online.  Because the new version is designed from the ground up for HTML5, it means that students with iPads, iPod Touches, or phones can now run the tutorial in a browser without needing an actual computer.

Click the magnifying glass to go to the HTML5 version of “Particulate Nature of Matter”


In creating the HTML5 version, I tried to stay as faithful as possible to the original Flash version, only adding or making changes where it made sense.  For teachers, this means any worksheets or activities you created based on the original should still work with the HTML5 version.  There are some minor tweaks to the text at the end of the tutorial that I made to improve clarity and readability.  In addition, I removed all of the spaces that existed between the coefficients and the formulae.

When a student clicks to launch the app, they are presented with a choice between the tutorial and the problem set.  In practice, I have found that it is easiest to tell my students to open up and run the tutorial in one browser tab while running the problem set in another.  If a student misses a question, I tell them to find the answer in the tutorial before clicking the “continue” button.

Because there is no student login required, students are able to get started very quickly.  This also means that students will need to show you when they are finished with the problem set.  I have included a large gold star on the completion screen so that you can very quickly glance at a student’s screen to see that they are finished.  For students completing the problem sets at home, I have asked that they take a “selfie” with their completion screen.

Due to the overwhelming support in favor of student tracking, I do plan to reintroduce student logins and a class tracking page for teachers.  I am planning to start work on this as soon as I can, but probably no sooner than this summer.

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