What would you add or change about Chemthink?

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I’ve begun the process of rewriting Chemthink from scratch. At this point I’m looking at reusing all of the existing animations and texts, but we have an opportunity to make the suite of tutorials, question sets, and virtual labs even better. I can’t promise anything because I have only a finite amount of time to finish the project, but I would like to open things up for input from Chemthink users.

So far, the to-do list includes:

  • Recreate all tutorials, problem sets, and labs in HTML5 so they run on mobile
  • Rebuild the user database so that teachers can create and manage classes and students can log in and track their progress

If you could change anything about Chemthink, what would you change?

If you could add any capabilities, what would you add?

(2) comments

Ron Keller
8 years ago · Reply

I would like to know how to actually get to ChemThink through here but all I can do is open the one on the PBS web site

Chris Bruce
8 years ago · Reply


Thanks for the comment! ChemThink is available in pieces right now. In order to rebuild ChemThink, I split it into the individual tutorials and put them under the “Simulations” tab.

So far, only 2 of the tutorials (“Atomic Structure” and “The Particulate Nature of Matter”) are available in HTML5 versions. Now that the server is built, I will do my best to complete the remaining 9 tutorials as I have time.

The PBS site is another option, but they only have 5 of the tutorials (and no question sets!, and are only available in Adobe Flash versions, so they won’t run on mobile browsers.

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